Advertisement Policy

JSCIRES accepts advertising for products and services of interest to audience of journal, and encourages advertising as a means to inform readers about products and services and to foster product communication between vendor and buyer. The Journal will adhere to all ethical and commonly accepted advertising practices and will ensure that its practices conform to Association policy. The Journal reserves the right to reject any advertisement deemed not relevant or consistent with the above or to the aims and policies of JSCIRES.

All advertising subject to editorial approval. All orders must be paid in full by the stated deadlines. All artwork will be disposed of six months after publication unless we are specifically instructed to the contrary. Contracts and individual insertions may be cancelled up through the closing date for the issue; ads cancelled after this date will be billed at the regular space rate. Contact for more details.


Indian Rupees (INR)

Cover Page Amount Insider Amount

Multi - Colour

Back Outer -  25,000.00 INR

Full Page   - 10,000.00 INR

Front Inner - 15,000.00 INR

Grey Scale

Back Inner  -  15,000.00  INR

Full Page-  5,000.00 INR

Half Page -  3,000.00 INR

Quarter Page - 2,500.00 INR

Vertical Position   -2,500.00 INR

Horizontal position - 2,500.00 INR