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Special Issue - Science, Technology and Innovation in Latin America

Editorial: Science, Technology and Innovation in Latin America 
Jacqueline Leta and Kizi Araujo

Global Trends, Local Threads: The Thematic Orientation of Renewable Energy Research in Mexico and Argentina Between 1992 and 2016
Matías Federico Milia

Health Research Networks Based on National CV Platforms in Brazil and Uruguay
Cecilia Tomassini, Claudia Cohanoff, Sofia Robaina, and Jesús P. Mena-Chalco

Mobility of the Members of the National System of Researchers of Mexico in their Academic Training in Latin America
Eduardo Robles-Belmont

Contesting the Mainstream Narrative? A Conceptual Discussion on the Politics of Science, Technology, and Innovation from the Periphery
Carolina Bagattolli and Tiago Brandão

Analyzing the Differences in the Scientific Diffusion and Policy Impact of Analogous Theoretical Approaches: Evidence for Territorial Innovation Models
Cristian Brixner, Silvina Alejandra Romano, and Jon Mikel Zabala-Iturriagagoitia

Cancer Research in Latin America, 2014-2019, And its Disease Burden
Grant Lewison

The Relationship Between the Language of Scientific Publication and its Impact in the Field of Public and Collective Health
Solange Maria dos Santos, Grischa Fraumann, Simone Belli, and Rogério Mugnaini

Ten Years of Altmetrics: A Review of Latin America Contributions
Thaiane Moreira de Oliveira, Germana Barata, and Alejandro Uribe-Tirado

Patent Collaboration Networks in Latin America: Extra-regional Orientation and Core-periphery Structure
Pablo Galaso, Pablo Galaso, and Sergio Palomeque

Transformations in the Ecuadorian Scientific Landscape: A Bibliometric Analysis of the Main Publications Trends and the Role of the Scientific Networks and the Public International Scholarship Program 
Henry Chavez and Jacqueline Gaybor