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Research Articles

Mangrove Literature from 2000 to 2019 - A Scientometric Analysis of Scopus Records
Deeptha Thattai, Sathyanathan Rangarajan, Rajitha J Rajan and Lakshmy J Rajan

Study on citation accuracy of Iranian Journals in the field of Library and Information Science
Yasin Veisi and Amir Reza Asnafi

Scientometric-based Knowledge Map of Food Science and Technology Research in India
Angad Munshi, Ashim Raj Singla, and Kruti J Trivedi

The Influence of International Scientific Collaboration with English-Speaking Countries on the Research Performance of Brazilian Academic Institutions
Samile Andréa de Souza Vanz, Domingo Docampo

Scientific Production on Clusters in South America
Paulo Cassanego Jr, Cristiane Ferreira de Souza Araújo

Comparison of the Social Impact of Review Articles with Original Research Articles in the field of Library and Information Science Indexed in WoS
Abbas Doulani, Mahnaz Behpour, Zoya Abam

The Entire 80-year Research History of Sichuan Snub-Nosed Monkeys (Rhinopithecus roxellana): A Citespce-Based Bibliometric Study
Zhanran Wang

Top 100 cited papers in Information Science Library science: A Brief Analysis
Faizul Nisha, Sunil Kumar, Shipra Awasthi, Manorama Tripathi

What Contributes More to the Ranking of HEIs?: Comparative Analysis of Ranking Parameters of India Rankings 2021 in Overall Category using Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient
Anil Kumar Nassa, Jagdish Arora, Priyanka Singh, and Hiteshkumar Solanki

Word of Mouth Marketing: A Scientometric Analysis
Sebastian Robledo, Pedro Duque, Andrés Mauricio Grisales Aguirre

Quantitative Comparative Analysis of Country University Competitiveness: The Case of the Near East and South East Asian countries
Vladimir M Moskovkin, Tatyana V Saprykina, Munenge Sizyoongo

Global Research Trend of Korean Popular Music: A Bibliometric Analysis
Wirapong Chansanam

How Effective is Research funding? Exploring Research Performance Indicators
Saira Hanif Soroya, Muhammad Umar, Naif R. Aljohani, Anna, Visvizi, Saeed-Ul Hassan, Raheel Nawaz

Mapping of Cross-Lingual Emotional Topic Model Research Indexed in Scopus databases from 2000-2020
Ibrahim Hussein Musa, Ibrahim Zamit

Favourable Effect of Changes on 2020 Journal Citation Reports Calculation: A Pilot Analysis in Immunology Category to Generate “Baits for a Good Catch” in Near Future
Jefferson Russo Victor

Alzheimer’s Disease: The Intellectual Structure of Brazilian Research before and after the Implementation of the National Agenda for Health Research Priorities
Angelina Pereira da Silva, Jacqueline Leta

Autonomous Vehicles and People with Disabilities: A Scientometric and Integrative Analysis of the Literature
Daniel Leite Mesquita, Gustavo Nunes Maciel, Fabio Antonialli, Daniel Carvalho de Rezende

Scientific Mapping of Gravity Model of International Trade Literature: A Bibliometric Analysis
Preeti Sharma, Sachin Rohatgi, Deepmala Jasuja

Book Review

Technology Business incubator Process and Performance
Ganesaraman K