Understanding Informetrics and Scholarly Communications in a Nutshell

Journal of Scientometric Research,2016,5,2,170-172.
Published:September 2016
Type:Book Review
Author(s) affiliations:

Anup Kumar Das

Centre for Studies in Science Policy, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India


The book titled “Theories of Informetrics and Scholarly Communication” is another gem from Cassidy R Sugimoto. She brought in this volume as an editor to honor Professor Blaise Cronin, an awardee of 2013 Derek de Solla Price Award and Medal for “outstanding contributions to the fields of quantitative studies of science”. Earlier, Sugimoto and Cronin jointly edited and published seminal books titled “Scholarly Metrics under the Microscope: From Citation Analysis to Academic Auditing” (2015, ISBN: 9781573874991) and “Beyond Bibliometrics: Harnessing Multidimensional Indicators of Scholarly Impact” (2014, ISBN: 9780262525510).

In the Foreword of the book, Eugene Garfield recognizes the contribution of Cronin: “There are few very theoreticians that I have known and admired amongst the community of citationists. Blaise is one of them. However, I believe that this volume contains contributions from most if not all of those living scholars who deserve similar recognition”. This book contains a collection of 19 essays written by the well-known scholars in informetrics and research communications. The advancement of knowledge is well reflected in this present volume as this one is to make an appraisal of the theoretical framework in informetrics where Blaise Cronin had an in-depth contribution. Thus, this book becomes a fitting tribute to Blaise Cronin. Read more. . . 


Theories of Informetrics and Scholarly Communication