Ebola Virus: A Scientometric Study of World Research Publications

Journal of Scientometric Research,2016,5,1,34-42.
Published:May 2016
Type:Research Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Raj Kumar Bhardwaj*

Nalanda University, Rajgir, Bihar, India


The virus of Ebola belongs to the filovirus family. The hemorrhagic fever occurs due to Ebola virus and is highly transmittable. The study covers a scientometric analysis of publications on Ebola virus worldwide. It revealed that 2446 papers have been published on Ebola virus in 159 journals, originating from 84 countries till December 31, 2013. These publications have received 69,960 citations until March 1, 2015. The maximum literature on this deadly virus is published in the form of articles and review, 2040 (83.40%). The highest number of papers was published in 2012, i.e., 198 (8.1%). Eighty‑four countries have contributed in Ebola research with at least one publication. Top ten countries produced 2124 (86.8%) of the total research publications on Ebola virus. The United States is the leading country with 1146 (46.9%) in research outcome. The average citation per publication on papers in the area is ~28.6 citations per paper. The majority of papers is published in English language, 2149 (87.9%). Overall, 157 journals produced the Ebola virus research and “Journal of Virology” has published 257 (10.5%) of the papers. In addition, the world over 160 institutions contributed in Ebola virus research, and National Center for Infectious Diseases (~3.3) has recorded highest relative citation impact. Feldmann from the University of Manitoba is the leading author in the field with 129 (5.3%) papers.

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