Journal of Scientometric Research,2014,3,1,1-2.
Published:January 2014
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Sujit Bhattacharya

CSIR-National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies, New Delhi, India


I welcome you to the volume 3, issue 1 of the “Journal of Scientometric Research” (www.jscires.org). Hope you will find this issue useful and interesting. This issue contains five research articles, one perspective paper, and one research note. Brief highlights of each article are provided below.

Igami et al. provide an interesting approach to capture the value of a doctoral thesis. It attributes value of a doctoral thesis in terms of the articles it produces. The study applies coword analysis method to discern journal articles that were produced by an author as an outcome of their doctoral research. The important questions that the study answers are: What is the level of doctoral researcher productivity in terms of the articles published during the thesis elaboration process and the subsequent years? Can a co‑occurrence‑based automatic method express the authors’ opinions about the relationship between their published articles and the thesis? What percentage of the articles is truly related to the thesis? The robustness of their method is demonstrated by undertaking the survey of the authors of doctoral thesis in the studied sample. Read more. . . 



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