Understanding the Development of Scholarly Metrics in a Networked Society

Journal of Scientometric Research,2016,5,1,95-97.
Published:May 2016
Type:Book Review
Author(s) affiliations:

Anup Kumar Das

Centre for Studies in Science Policy, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India.


This book is a collection of 55 citation classics published between 1955 and 2013 written by the well-known scholars in bibliometrics, scientometrics, science policy, research evaluation, and research communications. The editors of this volume, Blaise Cronin and Cassidy R Sugimoto took a great effort to prepare this collection. Then they curated the contents in six parts, namely, (I) Concepts and Theories, (II) Validity issues, (III) Data Sources, (IV) Indicators, (V) Science Policy, and (VI) Systematic Effects, giving a lyrical title for each essay introducing a part. The editors here introduce each part equally eloquently while organizing the chapters. In addition to an insightful introductory text for each part, the editors offer an analytical introduction to the book and a future analysis in the epilogue. The editors of the book feel that the fast-expanding field of scholarly metrics requires a relook, particularly in light of the theoretical, conceptual, methodological and ethical dimensions. They further propose that“by assembling a representative cross-section of the literature critiquing evaluative bibliometrics we may be able to raise awareness of the approach’s limitations and also encourage greater procedural caution among relevant constituencies” (p. 4).Thus, the book gets unveiled to identify the authoritative papers in evaluative bibliometrics, and subsequently to enjoy the microscopic view for each milestone in the timeline of scholarly metrics. Read more. . .

Keywords:Book review