Scientifically Yours: Selected Indian Women Scientists

Journal of Scientometric Research,2017,6,1,60-61.
Published:May 2017
Type:Book Review
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Sharique Hassan Manazir

Research Scholar, Centre for Studies in Science Policy, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. 


This book is a collection of television interviews of selected women scientists of India, organized by CSIRNISCAIR and Vigyan Prasar. The interviews were featured on the Rajya Sabha Television and also on the Doordarshan Bharati programme “Scientifically Yours” for showcasing contribution of Indian women scientists in their respective fields. The book contains thirteen chapters, where each chapter includes an interview with a woman scientist. This book celebrates a few of the best Indian scientists with primary emphasis upon their achievements, their struggle as women in mostly men-dominated scientific circle, and most importantly how they faced different challenges and succeeded subsequently. Best described by Indira Nath in her interview, “the obstacles are there for you to step over, not for them to obstruct you”.

It is very evident that when these scientists were perusing their career goals, opportunities were very limited, the internet was not heard off, Indian society was still evolving, and most importantly it was not common for the families to let the girls study -leave alone imagine them assuming a leadership role in the scientific community. The majority of women scientists agreed that situation is much favorable today for girls to aspire and achieve their goals in any domain including the scientific research. Read more. . . 


Scientifically Yours

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