Global Research Trends in Pro-Environmental Behaviour (PEB) Studies in the Field of Computer Science from 1976-2019: A Bibliometric Analysis

Journal of Scientometric Research,2020,9,2,136-145.
Published:September 2020
Type:Research Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Zainun Mustafa*, Mohd Heikal Husin, Sharifah Mashita Syed-Mohamad, Nor Athiyah Abdullah

School of Computer Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, MALAYSIA.



This article aims to investigate from a bibliometric perspective, the pattern and trends of the pro-environmental behaviour (PEB) related studies in the field of Computer Science over the past 43 years extracted from the SCOPUS database. This is one of the early attempts to explicate and describe the patterns of published articles of PEB in the field of Computer Science. From the first article traced in 1976 until 2019, the total numbers of published documents related to pro-environmental behaviour across all disciplines are 2276. However, only 97 documents were found in the field of Computer Science. It is noted that the integration of PEB in Computer Science has indicated an exponential increase in annual publication rate and this trend appears to be evident in developed countries. Specifically, the analysis of productivity according to country/region, institution and funding sponsor suggested that the research landscapes in particularly in Malaysia are paying attention to the intersection of PEB and Computer Sciences. The exploration in the type of publication, source of publication, keyword and language analysis provided the orientation, status and trends of the topic and potential hints to future studies in this field. Overall, progressive trends in publications suggest that the integration of the topic would be continuously published and studied in Malaysia as well as among the international community.

Distribution of document in Computer Science according among the top ten contributing country

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