A Keyword Based Scientometric Analysis of Semantic Web Research in Tourism

Journal of Scientometric Research,2022,11,1,118-124.
Published:May 2022
Type:Research Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Shiv Shakti Ghosh*

Sunil Kumar Chatterjee Department of Library and Information Science Jadavpur University, Jadavpur Kolkata, West Bengal, INDIA.


The economy of many nations sustain on tourism which is an information intensive industry and requires semantic handling of data. Semantic web research is an area that deals with technologies for semantic handling of data. In this study, the results of an investigation on the extent of semantic web research in the field of tourism have been presented. For this purpose, data was retrieved from the Scopus database. Scientometric methods that help in keyword-based analysis were applied for analyzing the data using the R software environment.

Conceptual structure map plotted from word co-occurrences in the corpus of documents.